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Two levels of dance instruction:

- New Student

- Intermediate

Ballroom dance rhythms taught include:

- Swing

- Waltz

- Foxtrot

- Cha-Cha

- Rumba

- Samba

- Tango

- Nightclub Two-Step

- Mambo


Q: How do I sign up for classes?

A: No advanced registration is required. Arrive at a class about 20 minutes early and complete a Registration/Release Form . Or print it out and fill it in ahead of time. It's that easy!

Q: Can a person who doesn't work for Boeing attend classes?

A: Yes, if he or she is a sponsored guest of a member and fills in a Registration/Release Form with sponsor's signature.

Q: What is the cost for lessons?

A: Best deal in town! Lesson costs are described on the Lessons page.

Q: Who can become a member?

A: Boeing employees and spouses, Boeing retirees and spouses, and on-site reps to Boeing. Basically, if you have a Boeing badge, you can be a member of BEBDCK. You can be an Associate Member if a directly related family member is member of BEBDCK. One year retiree membership is $5 and all other memberships are $6. Membership runs September 1 through August 31 of following year.

Q: What should I wear for classes?

A: People wear comfortable clothes. Anything from blue jeans and T-shirts to casual business. It is best to wear shoes that can slide on the floor; leather soles or something that is a little slick.

Q: What rhythms are taught at classes?

A: New Students Class receive instruction in Swing (East Coast), Waltz, Fox Trot, Cha-Cha, Rumba, and Samba. Intermediate classes receive additional instruction in these rhythms as well as Tango, Nightclub Two-step, and Mambo.

Q: Which level of classes should I attend?

A: New Student - for those who are new at dancing or new to the rhythm being taught in current session

Intermediate - for those who have completed the New Student class for this rhythm or have equivalent experience

Q: If I miss a class or two, will I be way behind?

A: Maybe, it depends on your dancing experience. There is a short review each week of the previous week's steps for the current rythm.

Q: Can Singles come to the classes?

A: Yes, but it is best to have a dancing partner; see next question.

Q: Do you trade dance partners during class?

A: No. We have found that most people like to learn with their partner. Most attendees come with dance partners, but if you do not have a dance partner, contact either the president or secretary to register as a single and possibly get connected to a dance partner for the evening. We will try to connect singles who would like to come.

Q: Are there any restrictions for smoking, alcohol, etc.?

A: Yes. Per state law, smoking is only permitted outside the buildings. No alcohol is permitted on school (or Boeing sponsored event) property.

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