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Q: How do I sign up for classes?
A: No advanced registration is required.  Arrive at a class about 10 minutes early and complete a form.  It's that easy!

Q: Can people who don't work for Boeing attend classes and dances?
A: Yes. Guests are welcome

Q: What is the cost for lessons?
A: Best deal in town!  Club Members and non-members pay $10 per class, Retiree Member pay $9 per class.  You pay for only the classes you attend. $2 discount per class night if paying for whole 4-week series at the beginning of the series.

Q: Who can become a member?
A: Boeing employees and spouses, Boeing retirees and spouses, and on-site reps to Boeing.  Basically, if you have a Boeing badge, you can be a member of BEBBDCE.  You can be an Associate Member if a directly related family member is member of BEBBDCE. Membership runs September through August.

Q: What should I wear for classes?
A: People wear comfortable clothes.  Anything from blue jeans and T-shirts to casual business.  It is best to wear shoes that can slide on the floor; leather soles or something that is a little slick. 

Q: What rhythms are taught at classes?
A: New Students Class receive instruction in Swing (East Coast), Waltz, Fox Trot, Cha-Cha, Rumba, and Samba.  Intermediate and Advanced classes receive additional instruction in these rhythms as well as Tango, Nightclub Two-step, and Merengue.

Q: If I miss a class or two, will I be way behind?
A: Maybe.  There is a short review each night of the previous week's steps.

Q: How will I know if an evening of classes are cancelled (due to weather, etc.)?
A:Before 4:30pm on the day of the class, the president will make the decision, the website will be updated with the cancellation information, and the secretary will send an e-mail to all class members (if we have your e-mail address).

Q: Can Singles come to the classes and dances?
A: Yes

Q: Do you trade dance partners during class?
A: Yes, but couples have the prerogative not to.  We have found that most people like to learn with their partner.

Q: Are there any restrictions for smoking, alcohol, etc.?
A: Yes.  Per state law and Boeing Policy, smoking and alcohol is not permitted on Boeing property.

Q: The dances are semi-formal, can you be more specific on the attire?
A: Many gentlemen wear a coat & tie, but it is not mandatory.  Ladies wear a nice dress/pantsuit. Technically, there is no set dress code; you wear the same attire that you would wear to a party.

Q: Are there age restrictions?
A: Yes.  Boeing Recreation Policy states that all must be at least 18 years old.